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Your Child's Attendance

Your Child’s Attendance

Below is information of guidance concerning attendance levels and the potential effect on pupil progress caused by unauthorised absences or taking long holidays during term-time.
Please continue to work to achieve or maintain excellent attendance at school. If you do need support in improving your child’s attendance, please come and speak to us. In some cases, you will be invited in by the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) to discuss how we can support and encourage you to raise your child's attendance.

Your Child’s Attendance



Outstanding. Full Attendance.

Excellent - 95-99%

Optimum chance to achieve well. Your child is taking full advantage of every learning opportunity.

Good - 90-94%

Good, but room for improvement


Your child is at risk of underachieving. EWO monitoring.

Unsatisfactory - 80-84%

Your child may need extra support from you to catch up with work. EWO monitoring.

Below 80%

Your child is missing out on a broad and balanced education. EWO monitoring.