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Year 5/6 (Mrs Minney)

Welcome to Year 5/6 2024


In our class we are striving to be confident, healthy and ambitious individuals! We are developing our Growth Mindsets to enjoy and seek challenge. 

This term our topic in Year 5/6 is 'Our Wonderful World'. We will be looking at Carnivals and celebrations around the world. This is part of our planning for our community carnival in July. The children will be involved in various expressive art projects throughout the term. The summer term is a BIG term for our year 6s. We have lots of transition activities planned for the children.


Here are some important reminders now we are in Year 5/6!

* Clubs have started back from 22.04.24

* PE is on a Wednesday (white top and black shorts).

* A snack and drink need to be provided daily, toast can be purchased on Toast Tuesdays.

* Homework will be online. Reading Eggs Tuesday and Mathletics Thursday.

* Please keep listening to us read and reading to us!


Currently planned trips: 

Year 6 will have the opportunity to go to LLanmadoc on the 15th - 19th April. 

Year 6 will have the opportunity to go to Oakwood on 4th July.

We will be going on various topic related trips this year, we are planning on working with some local artists and visiting art galleries.  


Mrs Forester will be working with me this term as part of her teacher training. Mrs Forester has been working in year 3/4 but can't wait to get to know all of the 5/6 children.



Mrs Minney

Weekly spellings - Check your Class Dojo to see which list your are learning.


Pick a lesson and try some of the new resources.

Practice your times tables.

Look at the clips and pick an activity that you would like to complete.

What can you find out?

This is fantastic! Pick some and set yourself a challenge.

Talk4Writing Activities - 05.01.21

11.01.21 - Remember our TEAMs meeting @10:00am

Follow the link above, what can you find out. Create a power point, fact file or poster to display your information.

How is the information linked to our new topic?


Watch Newsround and tell me what is happening around the world!!!!!!!!

TALK4WRITING LITERACY PACK - work your way through the activities.

Book Hunt


Follow this link and pick a maths lesson for every day.

18.01.21 - Remember our TEAMs meeting @10:00am


1. Follow the links below. 

2. Write a newspaper article about Pompeii.

3. Remember that you were there!!! Report on the horrific disaster. 

4. Use word. Insert different fonts, sizes and pictures.

5. Click on layout at the top of the page and insert columns. This will help you with a newspaper layout.

6. Save in your hwb files and we will leave you a comment.

We look forward to reading these!!!!

Religions Around the World 


Can you create fact files on all the worlds religions? What are their beliefs? Do they have holy books? What do they celebrate? 

Example of a Fact File

25.01.21 - Remember our meeting at 10:00 am


ALL work is now on TEAMs. You have assignments to view and complete by friday. Please make sure that you have followed the videos that were sent home through dojo. 

Thank you 

Weekly Spellings.

* See your list of spellings for this week. Can you write sentences using the words?



ALL WORK IS NOW ON TEAMS. Please see assignments for set work. 
Thank you 😊 


Pick a lesson and try some of the new resources.

Practice your times tables.

Look at the clips and pick an activity that you would like to complete.

What can you find out?

This is fantastic! Pick some and set yourself a challenge.



Work for 13.07.20

Work for 06.07.20

Maths Problems

Pobble 365 Activities

Work for 29.06.20

First News 22.06.20

Work for 14th June 2020

Work for 18.05.2020

Work for 11th May 2020

The 3rd Empathy Class Novel 

JELLY by Jo Cotterill

LOOK AT THIS - 04.05.20

Work for week 20th April 2020 - 27th April 2020


Corona Virus: Please find below ideas for work on our current topics. Remember you can send/ask anything via Class Dojo.

First News - 30.03.20

ELLA ON THE OUTSIDE----------EMPATHY NOMINATIONS - Can you nominate a character from the book that showed the most empathy?


Try ordering this book,  The Miraculous Journey Edward Tulane

This is a link for a free audible trial on Amazon.

Its an amazing book!!!!!

Academic Year 2019/2020


Welcome to year 5/6! Out topic this term is 'Our World, A time for change?' This topic allows children to explore their own ideas and the current world we live in. We use our Pupil Voice board to display all the children's ideas on this topic and what it means to them. 


Keep up to date with our learning by visiting the site and reading the children's blogs.


WATER WORLD - 06.01.20


What are we going to learn about? The children have recorded their ideas and we have so many exciting things planned. We are going to look at types of water, its uses, sustainability, preserving water, Titanic, and much more. We have loads of trips organised and Welsh week will be amazing!!!! Cant wait.  

Academic Year 2018-19


Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to our year 6 page. We work very hard to be happy, healthy and active. We are preparing for SUCCESSFUL FUTURES!


Autumn Term - World War 2

We are visiting Gwili Railway on the 24th October, we will be travelling on a stream train to re-enact the journey of an evacuee. 



In November, we will be watch 'Awful Auntie' by David Walliams, in the Grand Theatre. This is helping us to experience authors.



We are LOVING year 6 and we are very excited to watch the 'Awful Auntie'. We learnt so much these past 3 weeks, you could say we are fast learners!!! Last week, we researched so much about the Earth, Moon and the Sun. The Earth takes a year to orbit the Sun and it takes a month for the Moon to orbit the Earth. Mrs Minney, Miss Thomas and Mrs Lewis got very dizzy while demonstrating this!!! With Mr Ellis, we enlarged a part of a picture taken in WW2 for are art topic. -Harrison Shepherd


In Maths, we have been learning about mode, (the number that appears the most) mean (add the numbers and divide by how many there are) and median NOT medium (the number that is in the middle). During English lessons, we are learning about writing an information text based on our interests, e.g. WW2, Marvel, Fashion etc -Logan Lewis 


In Topic, we have been working on our information writing skills. Right now we are writing one on Annelies Frank, we have written information about her diary. We can't wait for the Gwili railway trip next week and watching Aladdin in Dylan Thomas. Our first half term in year 6 has been fun packed and manic with ideas and activities!!!!! Can't wait for more!

-Harrison Shepherd


What a term!!!!!! We have learnt sooooo much about WW2. Its been very exciting. Our Gwili railway trip was really fun and it was great to find out how the evacuees felt, leaving their families. Mrs Minney asked all the parents to write a WW2 letter to say goodbye, and I think one of us started crying!! The letters were parents to their children leaving home. It was heart braking. Our Clwyd Pop Up shop is sadly closed but it was very successful. It was a great experience working in the shop and serving customers. We took it in turns and loved every single part.

Its Christmas time and we can't wait for our party, on Thursday. We have planned the food, games and music. Merry Christmas from Harrison Shepherd




Happy 2019, Yaaaay!!! We are learning about bodies of water, and how water get's to our house.

This term we are going to look at how water travels around our world, answering questions like

  • How deep are the oceans?
  • What is water made out of? 
  • what is the biggest ocean?

​​​​​​​We are also planning many different visits to learn from our experiences. In April, we are going to Rhossili Activity Centre, we cant wait!!!!! Hope we'll see some water there!



What do you know about the worlds bodies of water?


We are looking at water and the way it can be used to power our homes and the usage of water in different countries. 



Our new topic is COOL stuff, like Bob Ross, photography and much more! In English we have started doing suspense writing, "WWWOOO!!!" and highlighting key features that makes suspense. With Maths we are measuring angles and probability, WHAT ARE THE ODDS?????? We're also going to the Purple Badger for our year 6 leavers party on the 11th July, we are so excited, its going to be a BLAST!!!   

by Harrison Shepherd.


  • 03.06.19 - back to school
  • 05.06.19 - working with the job centre
  • 06.06.19 - Aspiration Day, meet the worker
  • 12.06.19 -Personal Education with School Nurse
  • 27.06.19 & 28.06.19 - Bishop Gore Transition Days
  • 11.07.19 - Leavers Party
  • 12.07.19 - Leavers Assembly
  • 15.07.19 - Pentrehafod Transition Week


Are you ambitious, ethically minded, confident or all of these?



Last Friday was a blast! We went to Swansea University to talk about the importance of us going to university and how it's soooooooo much fun! Before, I didn't know anything about Swansea university but not only did I learn about it I also learnt about how exciting it is and the students were friendly.  The entire class learnt about it including the teachers. In Topic, we are learning about discussion texts, should mobile phones be banned? and should children have pets? We have been looking at both sides of the question. The River Tawe boat trip was a splash! we sailed from the Marina to the Liberty Stadium and back. We learnt about the history of the river and the cooper industry. It was very interesting. We came back with loads of new facts about water! Did you know that the River Tawe would have been as busy as the M4!!!!!

Academic Year 2017-18


Welcome to Year 6!


Welcome to our year 6 page. We work very hard to be happy, healthy and active. We are preparing for SUCCESSFUL FUTURES!  

Summer Term - Cool Stuff!









Year 6 Blog!!!!!

What we've been up to!!!!!!



We've been really busy revising and sitting our national tests. We have enjoyed preparing for London.We have also enjoyed practicing our songs for the leavers assembly. In English, we have been writing new policies for our comprehensive schools, this was great! We have really enjoyed learning about the best version of our selves in Science, now we need to follow the advice. In Art, we have been building different types of bridges with balsa wood with Mr Ellis and in our Art books, we have been drawing Banksy graffiti art.

Karleigh West and McKenzie Croucher



It's our last Summer term in Clwyd .We have been practicing our leavers assembly songs. We can't wait for London on the 10th of July. The teachers have been working hard to organise what we will be doing. We have spoken to Mr Brown about having a water fight. Some pupils in the class typed up a persuasive email. In English, we have been learning about Banksy art and Mrs Minney have been starting to record us having conversations about our thoughts behide the graffitti.

Karleigh West, Kacey Lewis and Kayla Vickers


Taster comprehensive days !!!!


English and Maths homework will be given out on Tuesday, due in by the flowing Monday. Spelling will be weekly. 

There is so much organised for this term, it's going to be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!

smileyCan't wait.smiley