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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders


Over the last few years we have been very lucky with the IT equipment that we have had in school.


Every class now has a touch screen which is so much easier to use and much easier to see in the Summer when the class is bright. The old projectors were quite hard to see when the sun was shining on the board.


We now have 6 charging trolleys and we have enough computers for one machine between 2 if we all used them at the same time! Most of the time classes use the computers at different times and so we all get our own machine when working on the computers.


Having this many machines means that one of our main jobs is to make sure that all the computers are put away properly and put on charge so that they are ready for the next class.


Our other roles are:


To report any problems with the machines to Mr Ellis

To report any Internet Safety issues to our teachers and Mr Ellis

To learn new computer skills and help others in our classes

To share ideas with other classes