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Year 5/6 (Miss Eynon/Miss Davies)

Welcome to Year 5/6 2024


In our class we are striving to be confident, healthy and ambitious individuals! We are developing our Growth Mindsets to enjoy and seek challenge. 

This term our topic in Year 5/6 is 'Our Wonderful World'. We will be looking at Carnivals and celebrations around the world. This is part of our planning for our community carnival in July. The children will be involved in various expressive art projects throughout the term. The summer term is a BIG term for our year 6s. We have lots of transition activities planned for the children.


Here are some important reminders now we are in Year 5/6!

* Clubs have started back from 22.04.24

* PE is on a Wednesday (white top and black shorts).

* A snack and drink need to be provided daily, toast can be purchased on Toast Tuesdays.

* Homework will be online. Reading Eggs Tuesday and Mathletics Thursday.

* Please keep listening to us read and reading to us!

* We are swimming this term. We need swimming kits every Thursday. It is so important for us to learn how to swim. This is a life saving skill!!!


Currently planned trips: 

Year 6 will have the opportunity to go to LLanmadoc on the 15th - 19th April. 

Year 6 will have the opportunity to go to Oakwood on 4th July.

We will be going on various topic related trips this year, we are planning on working with some local artists and visiting art galleries.  



Miss Davies




Teams, online lessons timetable for week beginning 19.04.21


Timetable for the rest of the week in English and Arabic. 

Week Beginning 08.03.21 - Maths/position and direction, R.W.I, I.E.P Targets, Well-being/Thrive, PE, Topic/Science Arts and Crafts.

Write a letter for your teacher or friend and give it to them when we return to school. You could explain why you have missed them, any exciting news and why they are important to you.

St David's Day 


Join us at school, at 11 am, for St David's day assembly on Teams.


Join me, on Teams for Numeracy and St David's day activities at 1pm. 





Hi all, welcome back! Hope you have had a lovely half-term. 


This week we will be looking at:


Wednesday - 24.02.21

Lesson 1 - at 11am-12pm.

Shapes, symmetry and problem solving in Numeracy. 


Lesson 2 - at 1pm-2pm. 

Our sounds - ir, or, air, ar, oo


Thursday - 25.02.21 

Lesson 3 - at 11am-12pm.

A reading comprehension. 

A punctuation, spelling and grammar activity. 


Lesson 4 - at 1pm-2pm.  

IEP targets, review and discussion of next steps. 


Friday - 26.02.21 

At 11-12pm. 

Special Mention, celebration of work and Games. 




Week beginning - 08/02/21

    Chinese New Year!


This week we'll look at Chinese New Year which is on Friday 12th! I've also set some Chinese New Year themed Literacy and Numeracy work. Further below there are some other Literacy and Numeracy activities if you'd prefer! 🙂


Live Lessons - 

Monday - Arts and crafts -fireworks, educational video about Chinese New Year, work for the week. 11am, Miss Bujega & I. 


Wednesday - Well-being Wednesdays catch up with friends before half-term, Drop-in session for work questions, link to PE. 10.30am, Mr Mort & I.


Friday - Choice of favourite games, Thrive activity, chat before half-term. 11am Mrs Boyes & I. 

Chinese New Year Topic Web

Write your name in Chinese & website links below

Other Literacy and Numeracy work if preferred...

Week beginning 01.02.21



Well-being activities -

Design a magical potion which could make a dream come true. 

Make a poster listing all of the people who are important to us and explain why. 

Cup of happiness - Use a cup that you don't usually use as a family. Each day can everyone write something on a small piece of paper that you are grateful or happy for. Add it to the cup and at the end of the week as a family read through what each of you have added. The aim - to show that even though this is a difficult time, we still have things to be happy and grateful for 😁



* Live lesson Monday - Thrive with Mrs Boyes, games and activities for the week 11am - Miss E. 

* Live lesson Well-being Wednesdays - Drop-in session for World 🌎 Read 📚Aloud Day! A well-being activity and to chat to friends. I can also answer any work related questions also. 10.30am - Miss E and Miss Bujega. 

* Live lesson Friday - PE with Mr Mort, games, well-being activity and review of week's work 11am - Miss E. 

Literacy 1.2.21

Numeracy 1.2.21 - Ordering numbers and Less and More than.

Week Beginning 25/01/21


Live Lesson 5 - Monday 11am.

Looking at work this week, crafts - making a rain maker instrument and a memory game. 


Drop in session - questions or help with work 10.30am. 


Live Lesson 6 - Friday 11am. 

Reviewing the work this week, PE with Mr Mort and dance and freeze game. 


Literacy, DCF and Topic work - choose a new topic to research. Don't forgot to send me pictures! 


Numeracy - place value. 


Downloadable version of all of this week's work.

Literacy/Topic/DCF download/printable copy.



Literacy (English), Topic (History/Geography/Science/RE) and DCF (ICT/Technology) - all work in these ideas below. 


Choose one per week and work through the suggested activities per day. You could also think of your own. Please send me pictures!


Log on to HWB > go to J2EASY. 

Here you can use JIT, J2E5, J2BLAST. 




Place Value 

Tens and Units

Other Literacy Activities - Predicting

Week Beginning 18.01.21


Thrive, crafts, games and PE will begin this week from live lessons on Teams. 


Monday's live lesson 11am we will be playing bingo, making a paper lantern and looking at this week's work. 


Wednesday trial drop in sessions for questions or support needed on work will begin this week also. 10.30am. 


Friday 11am - Games - find something beginning with the letter..., Thrive story with Mrs Boyes, revision of lessons learnt, questions and show and tell, schedule for Monday. 

Numeracy ~ Multiplication and Division


If your child is struggling with remembering their times tables try the following: 


Begin with counting in 2s, 10s and 5s. 

So 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on. Choose one per day. 


Once your child is comfortable begin practising 0 x 2 is 0, 1 x 2 is 2, 2 x 2 is 4 and so on. Continue with the one you have been practising each day. 


After practising these try asking/answering quick fire times table questions such as, what is 2 x 2? 


On Friday play the game below. Let your child be independent and try these. They could also practise on TT Rock stars.


Finally, if they want to they can begin to learn their 3 and 4 times tables a little better. 





Week Beginning 11.01.21

Pick the money worksheets that are suitable for you child.

Literacy - Reading, writing and spelling activities.


Other Activity Ideas...

Guide to accessing Teams Meetings/Live Lessons.

Spring Term

Hi all, please see the work for this week.


I've attached quite a bit so you can pick and choose what works for your child.  


Don't forget that your children can develop other skills online using their: TT Rockstars, HWB, Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds/Mathletics accounts (all passwords/user names were sent to you on Dojo etc. before the Christmas break). 


I will add this work to Dojo also and instructions of how to use it (instructions for the school website also on Dojo). Please check Dojo regularly for updates. 


You can download and print the worksheets on here/on Dojo to work through or answer them on paper, it's up to you! I would love pictures on Dojo of completed work! 


Any questions please get in touch, I will be in touch this week! 


Hope you have had a lovely break, we look forward to seeing you soon! 


Thanks, Miss E 


Week beginning 4th January

Numeracy - Addition and Subtraction, Function Machines & Problem Solving

Monday 14th December 


This week please work through your work packs. 


Remember you all have your passwords for - TT Rock stars, HWB, Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds/Mathletics. 


If you didn't complete your persuasive popcorn poster last week please consider doing it this week either on HWB - J2E or on paper! I'd love a picture of these! 



Miss Eynon 

Thursday 10th


R.W.I Sounds Your children’s sounds are the same as on their IEPs, which were sent home.

Practice reading these words and then try to put them in sentences.

or – more, shore, core, door, floor…

air – fair, chair, stairs, hair, fairy.

ir – twirl, girl, circle, bird, stir, dirt…

ar – star, arm, car, barn, smart, shark, sharp, farm…

oo – look, book, took, shook, cook, hook, foot…  


Please rehearse our Christmas song ready for filming Tuesday 15.12.20.


We come from Hawaiian lands,

Where golden sands,

And palm trees sway in the warm breeze,

And at this time we sing,

To the baby King, 

Jesus Christ the saviour of the world. 



Wednesday 9th 

Your child can complete their final, neat draft on a blank piece of paper or on j2e on HWB. Your children should be able to go on j2e on their own once you have helped them to log on to HWB.  

Wednesday 9th

Finding quarters and halves of amounts.  

Literacy and Numeracy work for Tuesday 8th.


The children can use their ideas from yesterday to plan their poster on a blank piece of paper or the other side of this sheet. There is an example below. 





What fraction of the shape is coloured?

See the example below. 

Choose from these fractions: 

1   1/2  1/4  1/3  2/4  2/3  3/5  


1 - numerator - amount coloured 


2 - denominator - number of parts 


Monday 7th


Fractions in shapes. Ask your children to colour the correct fraction.

Explain that the denominator (number under the line of the fraction) shows how many parts there are. The numerator (number above the line) shows how much needs to be coloured. 


So... when it asks you to colour 1/2 of the whole shape, explain that there are 2 halves (denominator) and 1 needs to be coloured (numerator).

You could model a whole 1, a half 1/2, a quarter 1/4 using fruit, pizza, pancakes. Perhaps the children can have a go then themselves! I'd love to see pictures ☺

Hi All, this week we were due to look at persuasive posters. As you know we 

created popcorn packaging. Could you please discuss with your children the following and make a note of their ideas to create their poster later this week. You will need to provide examples that the children can either choose from or for them to magpie ideas from.  


1. What is an opinion? * An opinion is a view or feeling about something, it 

could be factual/not. 

 * Provide an example -

" I love popcorn because it's sweet and tasty! "

" This popcorn is the best because it is a quick and healthy snack! "

" This is the best popcorn in the world because it's cheap and full of flavour. "

" This popcorn has the best packaging because it is colourful and just the right size! "

" This packaging is light and doesn't make you waste your popcorn because it had a lid. "


* Ask the children for an opinion on their popcorn and packaging- using because to explain why. Make a note of your children's idea


2. Extra detail:

*Provide an example -

"Only £2.99"

"Available in every cinema and store."

"On shelves now!" "In a cinema near you!"


*Ask the children for extra detail on their popcorn and packaging. Make a note of your children's idea.


3. What pictures are they going to use on their posters? What size font? What colour font? Make notes of this. 


4. What verbs and adjectives are your children going to use?

*Verb - a doing or action word.



'don't miss out'

'get your Popcorn'


*Adjective - describing word.




'the best'



Make notes of their ideas. 


IF your children say this is too hard, they have already been using these skills in school to create adverts for their popcorn on the tablets/iPads. There are examples above to help them. Please remind them that prior to returning to school this year they had a long time off and so they need to give this work a go. Please say I will be checking and that they had a more relaxed week last week so it's time to do some work.


In Maths we're looking at fractions. I will set a little bit of work after lunch.

Thanks Miss Eynon.  

Autumn Term!


Welcome back all, hope you have had a nice break!


This term our topic is 'Healthy Me.' We will discuss healthy eating, fitness, health and well-being! We will be using our Health skills in particular but also our Amber, Ethel and Ritchie porpoise skills during activities! 


Please note that: 


PE is on a Tuesday and pupils should be dressed in their PE kit on the day. This should be a white top and black leggings. 


Homework will be sent home on Tuesdays - Numeracy (to be returned on a Thursday) and Thursdays - Literacy (to be returned on a Monday). Specific Healthy Me topic work will also be sent home, for example, a food diary. 


Reading books will be sent home on a Monday and be collected back in on a Friday. 


Pupils will need a snack, for break time,  and drink everyday as we are unable to provide them at this time. 


We will be attending Forest School as much as possible. Please ensure that your child has a pair of wellies in school and brings a waterproof coat with a hood in. As we get closer to Winter gloves and a scarf may also be needed. 


I have sent Reading Eggs and Hwb logins via Dojo so please make sure you are signed up to see all of the latest information. 


Please get in touch if you need anything! I look forward to meeting you all in time and talking to you all in Parent's Evening



Miss E

Friday 17th July

Thursday 16th July

Wednesday 15th 2020

Maths - Subtraction

Maths and Reading comprehension

Reading Activity Y3 - Can your children empathise with these characters - Tom, Jen, Mum, Dad and Gran?

Week beginning 01/06/20

Work for Week Beginning 18.05.20

High Frequency Words

Further resources if you have finished your work packs. Please remember that for your Topic work competition this week I have asked you to build/create something to go with it!

Work for the week beginning Monday 11th May - Please use your work packs for guidance and begin working on your child's IEP Targets.

Friday 8th May

Thursday 7th May - Literacy and Topic same as yesterday.

Tuesday 5th May

Monday 4th May

Friday 1st May

Thursday 30th April

Wednesday 29th April

Tuesday 28th April

Literacy Year 3

Literacy Year 4

Monday 27th April

Thursday 23rd April - day overview.

Literacy - Thursday 23rd April ~ Year 3 p1 / Year 4 p1&3

Numeracy Thursday 23rd April - Multiplication and Division. Please teach that the opposite of multiplication is division. I will dojo the sheets to work on with your children.

Topic - Please write a short story about your mythical creature. Use your work from yesturday to help you!

Wednesday 22nd April

Tuesday 21st April

Examples of onomatopoeia ~

Year 4 - Look at pages 3-4, 6-11. There is a game at the end also!

Look at pages 1-3, 5-6 & 8-11

Easter Holidays - Week Beginning 06/04/20


Please find a few activities that you can do with your children during Easter. 


* PowerPoints to watch about the different parts of plants we eat. 

* Instructions on how to collect information about different parts of plants we eat.

* Instructions on how to create a graph on HWB to record the data about plants. 

* Easter related activities and ideas. 


Don't forget that you and your children can:

* Use TT Rockstars to practise times tables online.

* Use to play maths games and revise knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes. 

* Read as much as you can! Use online resources such as:, magickeys/com,,

* Play spelling games on:,,

* Practise handwriting on paper or on


Easter Craft Ideas - Could you create an Easter Hunt with a prize for finding clues?

Week beginning 30/03/20


Please see this weeks work to do from home. 


It includes: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Topic and Welsh work to complete and other ideas for pupils to do in their own time. I have added 'Make it fun' suggestions for how the whole family could get involved in the children's learning!


Any questions please get in touch! 


Thanks Miss Eynon

Week beginning 30.3.20

Friday 3/4/20 - Numeracy - Y3 and Y4 Repeted addition money problems.

Friday 3/4/20 - Literacy Y3 and Y4 - Guess the object!

Week beginning 23/03/20

Literacy - Year Three -

Literacy - Year Four -

Science Year Three -

Science - Year Four -

Topic - Year 3 & 4

Corona Virus: Please find below ideas for work on our current topics. Remember you can send/ask anything via Class Dojo.

Spring Term -  January 2020

Our Spring term topic is "Roots and Shoots!"


As part of this we are delving into the past to see where our family roots stem from and learning about the relationships of family members in our family trees!


Pupils will also have the opportunity to explore Swansea Landmarks and become a tour guide for the day! Some of the Swansea landmarks this will include are: the LC2 (our favourite), Mumbles, Plantasia, Borfa House and many more!


We will also have the opportunity to learn more about plants. This will include: the parts of a plant and the purpose of them and their role in the circle of life. We will have opportunities to grow plants and work towards creating a lovely 'Forest School' area in the school grounds for other classes to enjoy!


Autumn Term Review:

Year 3/4 have enjoyed studying our Autumn Term topic Water of the World. We enjoyed learning more about rivers, and in particular the River Tawe, during our trips. We have built on this information during lessons in school. Pupils also learn about the ethics, benefits and disadvantages of plastic to our Earth, seas and animals as encouraged by Ethel. 


Pupils also thoroughly enjoyed contributing to the Pop-up shop. Pupils worked hard, using their Ritchie Porpoise skills to think creatively and entrepreneurially, creating products which their community would want to buy. Year 3/4 were proud of their collaboration with the rest of the school. Pupils displayed excellent professionalism and communicative skills. They part-took in all aspects of running the school shop and made some brilliant crafts! We were impressed by their knowledge of handling money and working with change. Well done Year 3/4! 


This term pupils have engaged in Forest school on our school grounds. We have used these experiences to engage with outdoor learning opportunities particularly when studying Numeracy. Pupils discussed improvements which could be made in the area and this was fed back to Mr Brown. Pupils have contributed to the care of the local wildlife on these visits in preparation for Winter. Pupils have shown their ethical and caring personalities during these visits. In the New Year, we hope to plant new life down there and build homes for some of the local birds. So far we have been visited by Magpies, Collared Doves and a Robin! 


Year 3/4 have been preparing for their Christmas concerts and have shown enthusiasm when learning the words and actions to our song One More Sleep. Pupils performed excellently throughout! We hope you enjoyed it too!


Pupils will be enjoying the final Christmas activities before concluding half term! 

Topic Web Autumn Term 2019

Autumn Term 2019


We have a new teacher this Term. Her name is Miss Eynon. Our topic is called World of Water. We have come up with some questions that we would like to find the answers to this term and they are written on our wall in class. You can see them on the Topic Web on this page. We have already been learning a lot about rivers and we are going on a visit to follow the River Tawe from its source to where it meets the sea.


Topic Web - Summer Term 2019

Summer Term 2019


We had a great term learning all about Islands. We chose what we wanted to learn about and so we make volcanoes and made then erupt! We also wanted to learn about pirates and so we got to make treasure maps and we made pirate puppets and made them move on their own using animation. 

Spring Term 2019

What a busy fun filled Spring term it was. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about Islam. They had the experience in visiting a Mosque. We all learnt something from this! What better way to learn than getting out of the classroom! The children learnt so much they were able to deliver their class assembly on Islam which was well attended by parents and relatives.

Following Islam the children went on to learn about the Romans. Such a broad and interesting part of history for the children to study. Our visit to Caerleon helped them learn so much more than what they could access solely in the classroom.

During our language lessons the children learnt about instruction writing, story writing and poetry. Our poetry work lent itself to Welsh week. It was lovely seeing the children gain the confidence to explore with vocabulary. Their ideas really flowed. Some fantastic final pieces were completed. Our poetry work saw the children develop their creative side. Not only did they get creative with their vocabulary, but they had the opportunity to illustrate poetry and deliver it through creative movement, while incorporating percussion instruments. The opportunities were endless.

The children worked hard during PE developing their ball skills through tag rugby. With rugby being our national sport it seems only right our children get to experience it at an early age!

Science saw us look at materials and their changes. One investigation which really hooked the children was the melting of chocolate. Everyone loves working with chocolate. J

The children learnt how a solid turns to a liquid, how a liquid turns to a gas then back to a liquid. They learnt about the water cycle through an investigation which will support them later on when we study explanation writing.

The range of scientific/topic vocabulary the children experienced and used was vast.

We dipped into our new topic of sound, this will be carried on and looked at in more depth in the Summer term.

I am sure the Summer term will be just as busy. Let’s hope the sun will be shining to allow us to access the outdoors for our learning!