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Coronavirus Update


17th March 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


RE: Coronavirus update (more info on


Thank you for your on going understanding and support during this very difficult time. Please see some of the latest updates below.


From the Local Authority:

Schools will not be closed for the moment. All Schools will remain open tomorrow but

any child and/or member of staff with one or more of the identified underlying health issues should remain at home.

Any child/member of staff with the recognised symptoms e.g cough, sore throat and fever should also remain at home and follow Government guidelines.

In anticipation of the Government advising closures in the near future, work via digital platforms is being prepared.


Children in School
The children are constantly being reminded to wash their hand thoroughly with soap and water. This should be done:

-before coming to school

-on arrival at school

-before eating food 

-after breaks and sport

-when leaving for home


Trip to Borfa House

The planned Year 4 Trip to Borfa House will be postponed until further notice. Please do not pay any more money towards this visit.


Contacting the school

Please contact the school for updates using the normal channels but please avoid putting any speculation onto social media platforms. I will continue to communicate with you as often as I can.



If you or your family needs any support during this difficult period please contact the school and we will try to help wherever we can.


Thank you


Mr Brown